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Mega IT Cloud Services

Mega IT provides MICROSOFT AZURE AND GOOGLE CLOUD Architecture, Design , Consulting, Implementation, Testing and Managed Services to Big Enterprises, SMBs and Startups.

We are your partner to provide you Low Cost, Flexible and Highly Available Cloud based infrastructure or scale-up/out your existing IT infrastructure.

We provide value by:

  • Cloud Architecture and Design is our key competency, provide you a comprehensive, hybrid, secure, efficient and cost-effective design
  • Complete Automation of deployment of new infrastructure or migration of existing infrastructure to cloud is a seamless fashion
  • Increasing the agility of your in-house IT infrastructure, by adding-on cloud based infrastructure as per your business needs
  • Providing you best of the both worlds, Security and Compliance of your own IT infrastructure and on-demand capacity of cloud infrastructure
  • Keeping your IT infrastructure ready for immediate recovery in case of a disaster
  • Freeing you up to focus on your core business by taking your business to the next level of IT infrastructure and hence facilitating innovation

Team Competency

Mega IT team has extensive competence in MICROSOFT AZURE AND GOOGLE CLOUD Technologies, Operating Systems, Databases, Networking, Storage and software tools.

Consulting Services

To help you formulate Cloud deployment and migration plan for your business and hence cultivate the benefits of improved financials and agility of your business, with the below services

  • Understanding your business and technical goals
  • Cloud readiness assessment
  • Assessment of you current IT assets and applications
  • Architecting the right infrastructure for you with right balance of cost, performance and security
  • Coming up with comprehensive migration strategies for maximum business value

Implementation Services

We deploy your cloud based infrastructure, including but not limited to

  • Developing a migration or deployment project plan
  • Setting up the network, Security Groups and IP/Port setup
  • Creating Access for your team
  • Functional Testing the infrastructure
  • Enabling Autoscaling, HA-Multizone, Load Balancing , Backup Provisioning, Disaster Recovery setup, CDN setup and test the complete setup
  • Handover the environment to you for Deploying the application or we deploy the application for you
  • Implementing Monitoring in cloud native tools
  • Load and performance Testing
  • Optimization of IT resource usage, Application Optimization Support
  • Security Testing of the Whole Setup

Testing and Security Audits

We understand the importance of availability and security of your infrastructure in the cloud. Therefore provide comprehensive testing and security services

  • Performance and load testing of the cloud applications
  • Optimization of IT resource usage
  • Application Optimization Support
  • Security audits of the MICROSOFT AZURE AND GOOGLE CLOUD instances

Managed Services

We manage your cloud based infrastructure on ongoing basis to free you up for your core business. The services provided includes

  • Managing Server Instances
  • Monitoring and Reporting of Systems and Applications
    • Dashboard Access - 24*7 Monitoring and System Status
    • Server Availability Report
    • CPU Utilization Report
    • Standard System Metrics Monitoring
    • Monthly Application Analytics Report
    • Custom Metrics Monitoring
    • Performance Optimization based on these reports
  • OS Image Maintenance
  • Managed Backup and archiving
  • Support Portal Access - Issues Management

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