Wealth Management


Mega IT Services provides comprehensive IT Services in the administration and related technology solutions for wealth management, life insurance and transfer agency markets. As an end to end IT service provider we offer a wide range of software testing services, managed service arrangements and professional services.

As an IT Service organisation with significant local market presence and expertise, we have helped our clients deliver great business outcomes by improving operational performance whilst minimising risk.
We deliver leading technology capabilities for a wide range of business lines using modern technology, whilst also delivering functional richness.

Wealth Management

Wealth management businesses globally are looking at how they can stay ahead of and shape their markets. Developments in the regulatory environment combined with ongoing economic challenges mean risk and uncertainty are at the front of decision makers’ minds. The challenge for most is to manage these concerns whilst maintaining focus on the main game – delivering business growth.

Mega IT Services understands these concerns and, because of this, has become a trusted partner for some of the largest wealth management organisations.

    We are capable of providing end to end IT services for the following solutions:

  • Superannuation & Pensions

    The superannuation & pensions industry, more than many other financial services sector, relies on flexible and easily configurable technology to remain competitive. Investment in modern, highly configurable, functionally-rich software is essential for providers to deliver the support their members and employees need.
    We provide the superior IT Services that facilitates the automation of processes, with features that easily manages the technical change.
    We help providers to swiftly and easily adjust to new regulatory requirements through our IT expertise!

  • Wrap & platform

    The global wrap and platform market continues to evolve, reflecting shifts in regulation, market conditions, consumer empowerment and technology advancements. These trends are impacting on business operations already contending with structural issues raised by regulatory change.
    The challenge is to employ underlying technology that keeps pace with the wrap and platform industry as it evolves and grows. We provide the functionally rich IT Services for the administrative system capable of meeting the needs of advisors and investors.

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